Straight Up Pinnin'

Ok, I will admit it: I was a bit late on the Pinterest bandwagon. I signed up, made my profile, and then did nothing. It was exactly what I had been looking for: a virtual inspiration board where I could easily keep my inspirations organized and easily accessible. It was perfect, yet I did nothing.

Well, that changed.

I'm addicted. Not only is it the perfect place for keeping all of my inspirations in one place, it throws dozens of new inspiring images at me each day. My only complaint is that, as you scroll down, you see a continuous stream of images instead of having to click to a new page. Why is that a bad thing? I can't limit myself to "oh, just one more page and then I'll do my real work." Nope, I just keep on going! Even if I can kind of justify these extended time periods perusing others' boards with "It's research! I need to do this to grow as an illustrator and designer!" it is definitely a big time suck.

On that note, I highly recommend it. Not just for type/art/textile/etc. nerds like me, but for anyone who like to organize themselves visually. Try it out!

If you're interested in seeing what I've been up, feel free to check my boards out!


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