More Figure Drawings and Such!

A couple of weeks ago, my figure drawing class was assigned the task of finding a masterwork with more than two figures from before the 17th century and to change it in some way.

My roommates have been obsessed with coloring books for some reason, so I was inspired to create a giant (about 30x40") coloring book page with India ink and color it in with crayons. I also thought it would be amusing to chose an image that was less-than-child-appropriate, so...voila! My version of Bronzino's An Allegory with Venus and Cupid!

(Apologies for the was taken with my phone)

This week we were given the same task, but asked to push away further from the original. Here is my collage version of Botticelli's The Birth of Venus.

And here is a drawing from our last class. The pose was a little less than an hour long.

(Another one take with my phone, apologies. The one week I don't have my camera with me is the week I want to take pictures!)


  1. Bronzino's Allegory is the subject of my historical novel Cupid and the Silent Goddess, which imagines how the painting might have been created in Florence in 1544-5.





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