Drawing 4: Your Fave Place

I have a lot of favorite places. The first favorite place to come to mind was UConn, but trying to compress all of the aspects that I love into one drawing seemed a little daunting. Plus, a lot of what I love about UConn was emotional, tied to my friendships, communities, and love of the place itself, which would be hard to visualize.

There are a bunch of other places I considered, but in the end I settled on just one of them: a place we call "The View" in my town. A short walk from the house I grew up in is a ledge, lined by a rock wall, that looks over a big valley. Down below, you can see town landmarks such as my high school, as well as surrounding towns. In the distance, on the horizon, is the New York City skyline.

It's where we watched the Fourth of July Fireworks as kids. It's where some of my friends would go at night when there was nothing else to do to just sit and look at the skyline glistening in the distance. It's where I would walk my dog when I was feeling particularly thoughtful or wistful and would just look out at it and sometimes sigh.

When I was younger, I looked out at that skyline and thought "There it is, the big city. One day I'll live there. One day, that'll be my life." And here I am. Craziness.

I have mixed feelings about that skyline after living here for a bit. But it's all good.

I also have mixed feelings about this drawing...but they're meant to be fast, so it's (also) all good.


  1. ROCHELLE! its shayna -- hah im just peruuuusing ur blog. i love this post! i went up to the view this morning and had the same series of thoughts about living in that "big distant city" we saw when we were little ----- and then seeing it all perfectly executed here was very weird and sort of emotional... ha! i love it! hope you're well. this website is amazing..

    1. Hey Shayna!! Glad you like the site :) And crazy that we were thinking similar things. Hope to see you soon!




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