Gettin' Crafty: Necklace Holder

I often like to deal with problems I have by crafting a solution. Why not, when it's often cheaper and you can make it exactly how you want it?

I decided that I wanted a way to hang my necklaces - I've been trying to wear more accessories and such lately, and I figured having a way to view all my options would keep me from habitually grabbing the same thing every morning.

Sanded, primed, sanded, painted, and sanded again (to get that weathered look - you know which one I'm talking about). I then hammered in the hooks, added the paper, and voila!

My original thought was to just make a long, narrow strip with a line of hooks, but then I found this photo frame at Jo-Ann and thought it would be perfect! Right now, it is displaying some beautiful paper (that I once joked I would dump my boyfriend for). There's a chance I'll display some photos in it eventually, but I've already come up with a million and one different way to display snapshots this summer so I'll probably just leave it to the paper.

Bonus: I can use it as a small shelf and put rings or figurines or something on it. I plan to hang it on the wall eventually, but it sits so nicely on my bookshelf!

I've been doing much more crafting than arting this summer - but tonight I feel like painting! We'll see!


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