Things have actually been pretty exciting on the knitting front lately. Zack has been wearing this hat that I made him this summer, and all sorts of people have been asking him where he got it:

As a result, I had a bunch of hat commissions (just in time for Christmas!) It's a good way to make some extra money, as well as an excuse to come up with some cool hats. Most people have been asking for a normal striped one like Zack's, but some are more interesting.

Zack got his friend Natalia for a secret santa exchange, and she LOVES dinosaurs, so I came up with a dinosaur hat!

(Thanks to my sister for modeling)

Speaking of my sister, she asked for a home-knit bear hat for Christmas this year. I chose some nice chunky, warm yarn and went to work without a pattern.

Not the best picture...but I had to wrap it!

Warm, fuzzy bear hats come in handy when blizzards dump feet of snow on your driveway.


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